Mateja Ristic.jpg


Co-Founder and CEO

Creative visionary with PhD in Multimedia Art who is constantly searching for various approaches and perfect visual solutions, professional who is always going the extra mile and trying to exceed the expectations. Diverse 15 years long  experience in various types of visual arts, video forms, corporate film making, multimedia performances etc. One of his greatest achievements is putting together and leading a group of young  and enthusiastic artists under the name of Enciklo, which later developed into Enciklomedia production.


Branko Lukic.jpg


Co-Founder and Managing Director
Experienced individual with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry since 2005. Over 12 years in close connections between China and Europe market, skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Operations Management, Logistic and Sales. Very professional, graduated from International Business in Belgrade, worked on many foreign and domestic projects with strong dedication to each of them.

Nenad Velickovic1.jpg


Co-Founder and Production Director
Many years of experience in film industry as a producer and production director and more than 20 projects so far. Also, a mastermind behind the Bastardo brand and one of the irreplaceable members of the Enciklomedia team.

Anastasija Zamahajev.jpg


Production Assistant
Our absolute favourite team member. Not to mention, very skilful production assistant who gained her experience working on various projects in film industry here in Serbia and later on in Paris, France.

Dragan Vildovic.jpg


Cinematographer with almost 15 years of experience. During that time worked on a great number of awarded films of various forms, from student projects, promotional videos, to featured and documentary films.

Dejen Petrovic.jpg


Art Director
Graphic designer and calligrapher. He gained his 15 years long professional experience through solo and team projects in applied and multimedia arts.  



Art Director
Passionate about building meaningful brands and businesses. He's been in the industry for a decade now and gained his experience working on various projects in Serbia, Botswana, Kingdom of Bahrain and Dubai.

Ljuba Brkic1.jpg


Full Stack Developer
Absolute master of all web trades and much more. Gained his extensive experience over two decades overcoming and solving wide variety of the most complex challenges there is. With his knowledge and expertise, gives a great deal of confidence to the whole team behind Enciklomedia Production. 

Vuk Spasic1.jpg


Web Developer
Profesional web designer and master of applied music in media. Shaped his career through the continuous challenges of the past 10 years. On the constant quest for new technologies.